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George Koons
"Full" Story
Author of What to Do When Your Loved One Dies

Practical and Legal Author


I grew up in a world of books. Mystery and adventure stories steadied my mischievous soul and offered me safety, comfort, and a close friend. I couldn’t get enough. But my unsettled youth (insert troublemaker) forced a quick exit from the peace I found in reading. At the age of seventeen, I joined the U.S. Marine Corps and changed my life. Exit my downward spiral, enter a future full of potential. The Marine Corps supplied larger than life characters and the tools to sculpt my life – discipline, persistence, strength, camaraderie, and independence. It also made me realize I wanted formal education. College and law school allowed me to combine my inquisitive, combative nature with my writing and reading abilities. Now it was time to put it to work.


For the last twenty-something years, I’ve represented vast corporations in exhausting lawsuits. Living in the landscape of a trial lawyer is a grueling pressure cooker. Thankfully, I came across the opportunity to help my own. I joined a nationwide program to free military men and women from legal disputes that distracted them from their vital missions. These warriors couldn’t afford a civilian lawyer, but they didn't have to. Standing up for my heroes in the courtroom gave my work clarity, meaning, and the torch to light my future. During my career as a lawyer, I’ve won many trials, written numerous legal publications, and was awarded the Outstanding Young Lawyer Award, the American Jurisprudence Award for Advanced Legal Writing, and most important to me, the American Bar Association’s Military Pro Bono Project Outstanding Services Award, presented to me by Major General Steven Lepper. Thanks to my military pro bono work, I regained my true vision and, once again, it’s time to put it to work.


Much of my time is now spent helping people overcome life’s obstacles by providing easy to understand, step-by-step practical and legal guidance through the power of books. I’m a new author that plans to use the digital revolution to enrich people’s lives, empower their decision making, and level the playing field. I hope you join me on this journey.

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